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Energy Rated Windows

A Rated Windows


Omega Trade Frames are manufacturers of the Omega ECO range, which consists of the A rated Energy Index.

Available in ALL foil colours with a +8 energy rating.

"The payback time for a houseful of energy recommended windows (over the 'standard' double glazing to comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations) is less than two years according to Frances Galvanoni of the Energy savings Trust. This reinforces the view of WER pioneer, DR Robin Kent, who tells us that the cost of the energy used is greater than the cost of the window.
Windows and doors use more energy than any other building component. If we were to gather together the best civil engineers, architects and designers in the world and ask them to build us the ultimate wall with an unlimited budget, their very best efforts would still lose energy - probably very little, but still a loss.
Even the very best wall can only ever lose heat (and therefore cost money). Compared to that we can now offer windows that can capture and utilise the sun's rays and, so actually add energy to buildings (and save money!)"
An extract from an article by Alan Fielder on window energy rating

The Omega ECO Range

Benefits of using the Omega ECO range:
  • Totally lead free profiles
  • Pre-gasketed system with patented double action bubble gasket
  • Unique profile design uses minimal steel reinforcement
  • High gloss finish
  • BRFC WER A Rating
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Save money on your heating bills
  • Become more environmentally friendly

How will the Omega ECO range make my home more energy efficient?
Simply using the A-Rated ECO window can stop heat loss.
That's enough energy to:

  • Run 9 televisions for a year
  • Drive over 600 miles in an average sized car
  • Make 34,000 cups of tea

How does the Omega ECO range work?
The Omega ECO range is different to standard double glazing, as it works in two ways. It reduces the amount of heat lost through your windows and it also allows heat from the sun back into your home, this effect is known as solar gain. The Omega ECO range uses two special types of glass, the first is Planitherm 1.1, the UK's best performing low emissivity glass which stops heat escaping from your home, and the second is Diamant glass which allows more solar heat into your home. Together with the high specification outer frame this completes one of the most high performing products in the UK's glazing market.

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And Visit the British Fenestration Rating Council, www.bfrc.org

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